BeTen Starter Kit (max. 10 units per order, 6-month plan)

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Starter Kit: BeWhere's devices can only be purchased up to a maximum of 10 at a time for each item/for any combined items (excluding batteries).

The BeWhere BeTen is a small battery powered device with GPS, ideal to locate equipment and assets once to four times a day maximum (and not assets on motion). 

Use Cases: Indoor/indoor asset; environmental conditions monitoring. Read more about our use cases here!  

ExampleAssets with once a day reporting that might not see sun for longer periods than a day. Municipal garbage bins, flatbeds, trailers, generators; temperature monitoring within a shipping box, etc.  

Attention: Accurate GPS location requires line of sight; otherwise BeWhere uses “cell proximity” to show an approximate location. Note that a BeTen constantly looking for GPS and network will discharge much faster.

Full charge capability of up 3,400 pings (up to 3.68V, empty at 3.55V - room temperature). Battery replaceable (3.6V specific). Only replace batteries with BeWhere’s AA 3.6V batteries. 

On-board sensorsLight, Air pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Accelerometer (motion detection). 

Recommended Reporting FrequencyThe tracker will send a ping once/twice a day. A ping combines GPS location and sensors information. 


  • Built in cellular (CATM1/NB1) and GPS antenna 
  • IP67 Rugged and dust / water-proof enclosure 
  • GNSS: GPS / QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo enabled 
  • Size – 1.25" x 2.25" x 5" 

What’s in the box? 

  • 1 BeTen 
  • 2 x mounting screws 
  • 6 months connectivity North America (renewable*)
  • 6 months access to BeWhere Portal (renewable*)

Quantities limited to ten (10) devices per order. For larger quantities and wholesale pricing, please contact BeWhere at 

BeWhere is a B2B company, to become a distributor please contact