WaterFlood Starter Kit (max. 10 units per order, 6-month plan)

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Starter Kit: BeWhere's devices can only be purchased up to a maximum of 10 at a time for each item/for any combined items (excluding batteries).

The BeWhere WaterFlood Detector is a simple device to monitor water levels in indoor locations. BeWhere Water Sensor detects standing water that reaches the sensor probe, for example in the case of a flooding. The sensor sends an update when water contacts the probes, and when water is no longer in contact with the sensor. Given the low frequency of readings, the device can last years without needing battery replacement. 

Use Cases: Water detection solution for monitoring potential floods or presence of water. The water detection solution targets applications in new and existing facilities in the construction and residential/commercial buildings industries. The water detection sensor is connected to the BeWhere “BeTen” and provides a real-time notification on the presence of water with the battery potentially lasting 5 years with needing to be replaced. Read more about our use cases here!  

Full charge capability of 3,400 pings (up to 3.68V, empty at 3.55V - room temperature). Battery replaceable (3.6V specific). Only replace batteries with BeWhere’s AA 3.6V batteries. 

On-board sensors: Light, Air pressure, Humidity, Temperature, Accelerometer (motion detection). 

External sensor: Water flood sensor  

Recommended Reporting FrequencyLow frequency (once a day). 


  • Built in cellular (CATM1/NB1) and GPS antenna 
  • IP67 Rugged and dust / water-proof enclosure 
  • GNSS: GPS / QZSS, GLONASS, Galileo enabled 
  • Size – 1.25" x 2.25" x 5" 

What’s in the box? 

  • 1 BeTen* (with external connector)
  • 1 Waterflood Sensor, standard cable length 5-6 feet
  • 2 x mounting screws 
  • 12 months connectivity North America (renewable*)
  • 12 months access to BeWhere Portal (renewable*)

Quantities limited to ten (10) devices per order. For larger quantities and wholesale pricing, please contact BeWhere at info@bewhere.com.

BeWhere is a B2B company, to become a distributor please contact info@bewhere.com.