AA 3.6V Battery Replacement Packs (5 packs of 2 batteries) for B2 version

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New format to make changing the batteries easier on our B2 products version. BeWhere replacement batteries for any M-IoT device using 2AA batteries (e.g. BeTen, WaterFlood). These batteries offer a higher voltage than regular 1.5V AA batteries (such as the ones used for remote controllers or digital clocks) and allow a long battery life for BeWhere’s M-IoT devices.

The new format provides a pack of two batteries wrapped with a connector cable to make replacement easier, instead of individually inserting each battery as done on our B1 products version.

Make sure you know the model prior purchasing (see below for instructions).

Note that using different batteries than the ones sold by BeWhere may result in different performance or malfunction of the device, which is then not warranted by BeWhere.

What’s in the box?

  • 5 pack x 2AA 3.6V enhanced wrapped up battery pack (2 batteries per pack, 10 batteries total), foam pad and battery connector.

Important: When sealing devices after replacing the batteries, please ensure you are using a torque set screwdriver. The torque setting used to seal BeWhere devices is 0.91 Nm. 

Technical Specifications

  • Model: ER17505
  • IEC: AA
  • Nominal Voltage(V): 3.6
  • Max.Dimensions(mm×mm): φ14.5×50.5
  • Weight (g): 19
  • Standard Capacity\Current (mAh\mA): 2200\3.0
  • Continuous Discharge Current (mA): 400
  • Operating Temperature (℃): -55~+80
  • Terminate Voltage (V): 2.0

Manufacturer full specs: click here 

Storage condition: clean, cool (preferably below +20℃, not exceeding +30℃), dry and ventilated.

Warning: Do not recharge, short circuit, crush, disassemble, heat above +100℃, incinerate, or expose contents to water. Dispose of used batteries properly in case of explosion, burn and leakage.

Compatible with:

Not compatible with:

How do I know which Version (B1 or B2) I have?

Log onto your BeWhere Portal and check your device 15 digits ID. If it's starts with a 3, then chose B1 batteries. If it starts with any number different that 3 (e.g. 8), pick the B2 batteries.

It's your responsibility to ensure you purchase the right batteries. If unsure, contact your seller.

B1 versus B2