Use Cases

Customers' Use Cases Overview

Asset Tracking meets Connected Sensors

Each of BeWhere's devices offer a combination of GPS technologies, low-power 5G connection and on-board smart sensors, making our products a very versatile solution with numerous and various applications. 

For example, you can simply track a trailer simply using the GPS feature, or you can also track the trailer and measure the conditions of the cargo inside using the on-board temperature and humidity sensors.

Use Cases

Trailer Tracking/Transportation

We recommend: BeWhere BeSol

In partnering with multiple fleet management companies, BeWhere offers to its partners' end-users a new level of services, not only tracking the vehicle but also what is on the vehicles. Bewhere's BeSol device has been deployed on hundred of fleets, being a low-cost and simple solution to track thousand dollars' trailers and their cargo.


We recommend: BeWhere BeTen

Spotlight: Tenna

Construction sites often take place for months on end and can take up a very large surface, increasing the risk to misplace a valuable piece of equipment. BeWhere asset trackers are easy to mount, can be configured to send more frequent location updates when the equipment starts moving, and can last months to years without the need to replace the battery. 

Tenna is partner of BeWhere focusing on the construction market. Watch some of their videos to learn more on how they use the BeWhere products to track equipment, and integrate BeWhere's data into their own platform

Supply Chain, Logistics and So Much More!

Insights that is gained from the data that asset tracking provides will make an impact on companies’ operating costs. BeWhere's tracking devices are equipped with motion sensors that can deliver real-time data about the movement of goods in transit or at a warehouse.  Other sensors can report data on the condition of those goods such as temperature and humidity.

Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, Shipping

There are an endless array of emerging use cases that can benefit from the arrival of low-power 5G network technology. Everything from reusable pallets, specialized equipment, manufacturing components worked on and shipped to multiple facilities, containers...the list grows daily. 

Help your company explore how low-power 5G LTE-M and NB-IoT can help disrupt how your business is done.

Introducing BeMini: Filling a Gap

We recommend: BeWhere BeMini

Our BeMini comes with added features, such as Wi-Fi micro-positioning and micro USB rechargeable. The size is about one fourth of the existing devices (BeTen), and also comes with a smaller battery but that can be recharged or left plugged-in. The device still bears with the same on-board sensors, as well as a button that can be programmed for different behaviours (e.g. push in new configuration). 

With the BeMini, BeWhere offers an alternative GPS tracking solution for smaller, cheaper piece of equipment, and assets that spend more time indoor. Wi-Fi micro-location services are an additional feature to help locating these assets indoor, but also conserves battery if used instead of triggering GPS updates. We are currently developing new firmware that will help leverage Wi-Fi and BLE for leash features. More to come in the coming months!

Flooding Detection

We recommend: BeWhere WaterFlood

Gain more insight and peace of mind with our water detection solution to monitor potential floods or presence of water at locations that might not be monitored regularly such as construction sites or basements.

The water detection solution targets applications in new and existing facilities in the construction and residential/commercial buildings industries. The water detection sensor is connected to the BeWhere “BeTen” and provides a real-time notification on the presence of water as soon as water reaches the probes; and with an estimated battery life of 5 years.